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Coaching Sessions

Mindful Audition Prep 

In Mindful Audition Prep

 you will learn and practice:

  • Setting on audition intention. It’s more than “I want to book the job”! Consider “My intention is to feel accomplished after my audition” 

  • Practice your audition pieces and receive feedback

  • Guidance towards making strong character choices

  • Uncovering your audition confidence

  • Creating an after audition statement to help you dispel any feelings of desperation. For example: I release all attachments to the outcome of this audition

Basic Voice Over Technique  $80

In Basic Voice Over Technique  you will learn and practice:

  • Breathing technique, pronunciation, delivery styles, phrasing  

  • Vocal health; warming up and cooling down  

  • Tips to help you breakdown and understand commercial audition copy and voice descriptives 

  • Finding your natural “signature voice”

  • Microphone technique 

And if applicable receive 

  • Audition feedback

Podcaster Vocal Coaching   $75

In Podcaster Vocal Coaching you will learn:

  • Breathing technique

  •  Pronunciation, articulation, releasing tension in the face and jaw muscles   

  • Exercises to help warm up and cooling down your voice 

  • Proper sitting technique and microphone placement for your voice 

  • Curating your own vocal health practices 

Let's Talk $60

This session gives you the chance to "pick my brain" and have a chat. 


We can talk about: 

  • Starting a Podcast 

  • Podcast Organization 

  • Starting your voice over career  

  • Starting your acting career 

  • Feedback on your audition materials 

  • Questions about the industry and charting your own path

Payments and Policies

All sessions are 60 min 

All sessions are virtual 

Payment is accepted via Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal

Once paid in full requested coaching sessions will be confirmed.

Fully paid for sessions are not refundable but can be rescheduled up to 1 additional time within 15 days


Disclaimer: Please note Ayana is a working actress and voice over artist, because of this coaching sessions could be rescheduled. In the event this happens you will be rescheduled at no penalty to you. 

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