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Coaching Sessions

Mindful Audition Prep 

In Mindful Audition Prep coaching you will learn and practice:

  • Setting on audition intention. It’s more than “I want to book the job”! Consider “My intention is to feel accomplished after my audition” 

  • Practice your audition pieces and receive feedback

  • Guidance towards making strong character choices

  • Uncovering your audition confidence

  • Creating an after audition statement to help you dispel any feelings of desperation. For example: I release all attachments to the outcome of this audition

Basic Voice Over Technique

In Basic Voice Over Technique coaching you will learn:

  • Breathing technique, pronunciation, delivery styles, phrasing  

  • Vocal health; warming up and cooling down  

  • Tips to help you breakdown and understand commercial audition copy and voice descriptives 

  • Finding your natural “signature voice”

  • Microphone technique 

And if applicable receive 

  • Audition feedback

All coaching offered are private one-on-one virtual sessions

1 hour -$125 

Payment via Venmo, Zelle, Google Wallet or Paypal (students are responsible for any paypal fees applied)

Book a free 15 min consultation zoom to ask questions and see if we are a good coach/client match 

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